Sunday, 22 August 2010

Doing our best to serve you 100%

Dear Go Figure fans,

We know we are going to be closing our store front soon and I know having spoken to most of our regular customers, that they will miss having a place to go to to see toys and pick them up in person.

While we apologise for this, we are extremely committed to continue to serve you as best we can. We will continue to take your orders through our online store and we will process them and bring you your bookings as soon as they arrive in Brunei.

We may not have a store front, but we will be open 24 hours a day, and you don't have to walk into a shopping complex and always go into a closed store.

And we've noticed that many other Hot Toys sellers seem to be copying all our promotions - preorders, paid in full discounts, and trying to beat us on price. There's a reason for this copying - because we are established to our customers and we put our best service for you.

We will continue to find ways to improve our service, and we will strive to bring the toys in at the best possible price. And some of the efforts we have put in is:

  1. Ensuring we have bank accounts in the various banks so that you can pay anywhere you choose.
  2. Enrol with PayPal so you can use Paypal if you wish to.
  3. Work with existing businesses in Brunei so that they can become our delivery centres (you can come pick up and pay for the toys through these existing businesses).
We will continue to serve you if you continue to support us :)

And from time to time, we will give you a call and update on your order too.

So see you at our online store!