JUST IN: Play Arts Roy Mustang

This got left behind in the other shipment with Edward and Alphonse. 

Now available to complete the set!
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JUST IN: HOT TOYS Goodies! Part II

Matrix Sentinel from Hot Toys.

Limited sets only. Please let us know through email to book if interested.
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Hot Toys DX Joker Restocked! 2 units.


We should be expecting 3 more units to come in in the next batch. Please place a deposit if interested.

Hot Toys True Type Bodies (Narrow Shoulder and Slim Body available for Joker's Police Uniform outfit and Head Sculpt).
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RESTOCK: Takara Masterpiece MP01B Optimus Prime Black Convoy

RESTOCKED! Limited quantities only.
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JUST IN: Takara Transformers Device Label Grimlock and Dinosaurer Optical Mouse


Want a cool Transformer as your computer mouse? Then we have this beautiful transforming Optical Mouse for you! 2 sets each available at the store.

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JUST IN: US Exclusive Skywarp Masterpiece


Limited quantities available for this US Exclusive Masterpiece Skywarp.

Product Information:

  • Highly articulated and posable
  • Amazing detail
  • Transform Skywarp from robot mode to a fighter jet
  • Includes display stand
  • Opening canopy
  • Swing open nosecone
  • Hidden missile pods
  • Adjustable thrust vector
  • Two different heads

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RESTOCK! Takara Buster Optimus Prime

We have a small restock of Buster Optimus Prime from Takara. Available now.

 Get our ON OFFER Jetfire to combine with Buster Optimus Prime to get this! (read more to see pics)

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COMING SOON: V for Vendetta 1/6th Collector Figurine


We have very limited quantities of this coming in for the store. Please place a preorder deposit of $100 if interested.

Product Information:
  • Signature black cloak, Removable hat, Non Removable mask, Interchangable hands and many other accessories
  • 1/6 scale, 12 inches tall
  • Display base included
  • Deluxe 4 color window box packaging with 5th panel
  • Highly detailed ready for display!

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This is a special ONE TIME pre-order call for Enterbay Dragonball Evolution Goku and Piccolo.

All suppliers have closed their preorders already but we have a chance to bring them in under SPECIAL arrangement with our supplier.

We will bring in only based on CONFIRMED Orders.


Please email us if you're interested. Prices will be confirmed and emailed to you. 

You will need to place the full $150.00 deposit in by first week of January 2010 to confirm the order.

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NEW ARRIVAL! In Store Shelf by Tonight!

New stock just arrived today! Some of these will be on the shelf by tonight.

For others, due to limited shelf space, please prebook or preorder before we deliver to the store!

Please click on Read More for pics and details!

 Marvel Mighty Muggs
Sold as a set of 4.
1 set only.

GI Joe Mighty Muggs (Snake Eyes, Cobra Commander, Duke, Storm Shadow)
Sold as a set of 4.
1 set only.

GI Joe Baroness, Destro, Storm Shadow, Snake Eyes
Sold as a set of 4.
1 set only.

Marvel Select BBTS Exclusive Wolverine (Brown Suit)
2 pieces only.

Marvel Select Hulk
The Muggs is to give you the scale of this thing - almost 10 inches tall.
3 pieces available.

 Marvel Select Red Hulk (or RULK)
Same size as the Green Hulk.
6 pieces available.

GI Joe Hall of Heroes
Sold as a Complete Set of 10
Enjoy great discounts when bought in a set!
2 sets available.

Funko Spiderman/Goblin & Ironman/Capt America Nodniks
2 units each available.

 GI Joe Comic Packs
This is a set of 5 available to be booked if you are keen to complete the collection. If not these will be sold individually. 3 individual pieces are available

This set includes:

Snake Eyes & Hard Master
Beachhead & Mainframe
Scrap Iron & Wild Bill
Duke & Red Star
Destro & Iron Grenadier

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COMING SOON: Hot Toys 1/6th Arnold Schwarzenegger - Terminator T800


If interested, let us know. This is what alot of fans have been waiting for!

Let's hope they feature a battle damaged sculpt too.

No news on preorder yet, but rest assured we will be issuing a preorder call.
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SPECIAL OFFER: Master Replicas Yoda FX Lightsaber


From today, 28th December 2009 until 3rd January 2010, we will be giving everyone a chance to own a beautiful Lightsaber from Master Replicas.

Buy a Yoda Lightsaber this week and enjoy $30.00 off the listed price. This is a ONE TIME offer and will end 3rd January 2010.

Please enquire at the store for availability.
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JUST IN: Master Replicas Scaled Venom Bust

Beautiful half scale bust of Venom from Spiderman 3.

Spiderman 3 Masks are also available.

Limited Sets available. 

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JUST IN: HOT TOYS 1/6th 38 True Type Body - Narrow Shoulder

In Stock. Limited Quantities. 

Get the Original Hot Toys body for your Joker DX or any kitbash you would like. 

Features 38 points of articulation, this is THE LATEST release by Hot Toys with increased mobility, extra gripping hands, figure stands, and extra neck for compatibility with other heads.

Perfect for your 1/6th Collection! Hot Toys is the only way to go for your 1/6th Collection!

Product Description From Hot Toys Website:

This 1/6 scale new generation TrueType Male body set is:

- Suitable for 1/6 Fabric costume and accessories, especially for Hot Toys’ latest MMSDX 01 Joker collectible figure and Men’s Suit series
- Over 38 points of articulation

Set comes with:
- 2 sets of bendable hands
- 2 neck styles
- Figure display stand

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JUST IN: Square Enix Play Arts Full Metal Alchemist Edward and Alphonse Elric


IN STORE! Limited Quantities only! Get them while you can!
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SOLD! Hot Toys 1/6th Michael Jackson from Thriller

IN STORE today! 1 unit arrived today!

Please visit our store for pricing.


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BOOKED! - Available for REORDER! Sideshow GI Joe Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow


Limited Quantities coming in to Go Figure! Toys.

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Hot Toys 1/6th The Dark Knight BatPod


Hot Toys BatPod is now available to complement your Hot Toys Batman MMS version or perhaps the new upcoming DX version.

Limited Units available.

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PREORDER: Takara Tomy Masterpiece MP-8X Grimlock



Just released in Japan. Available at Go Figure! Toys for Pre-Order.

This is a web exclusive order from Japan so they are hard to find. Extremely limited quantities available.

If interested, please send us an email for details on pricing.

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ENTERBAY 1/6th Bruce Lee as Kato from The Green Hornet: PICTURES

This is a beautiful piece of art work.

Here are some pics to prove it.

Available at go Figure! Toys for the Bruce Lee and 1/6th Collector.

Features include: Authentic headsculpt likeness of Bruce Lee as Kato, Enterbay’s 360° Eye Ball System(similar to Hot Toys PERS - Enterbay came out with this technology first), Movie-accurate Kato outfit (2 different attire), 2 x hair styles (One for posing with hat and one for without hat), Removable as-seen-on screen Mask and old style chauffeur's hat, 2 x Kato Throwing Darts, 10 interchangeable hands (8 black gloved hands), New Original Action Body BL 3.5 (with improved leg joints), Figure Stand FS-200 (Full diecast metal and extra foldable base), Certificate of Authenticity Card and Exclusively Designed Premium Packaging Box Set.


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