JUST IN: MP01B Black Convoy

The MP01B just came in today.  All units booked except one left for retail and walk in customer.

If interested, you can place a preorder deposit for restock in 3 weeks.

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PREORDER: Hot Toys 1/6th King Leonidas from Frank Miller's 300 (CLOSED)



King Leonidas from 300 is going to be given the Hot Toys treatment!

Pre-order with us to guarantee you will have this beautiful collectible as part of your 1/6th collection.

Preorder deadline: Dec 05, 2009.
HK Release Date: Q1, 2010.

Pre-Order Deposit: $100.00.

Normal Retail: TBD upon arrival

Member Pricing: TBD upon arrival

Note: Normal Retail and Member Prices are subject to changes due to currency and shipping costs fluctuations. Pre-Orders with paid deposits will lock in the Pre-order Pricing.

Product Information:
Hot Toys is proud to bring you the 1/6th scale King Leonidas collectible figure from the 300 movie, based on the graphic novel by Frank Miller.

This 1/6th scale Spartan Warrior collectible stands approximately 30 cm tall, featuring Hot Toys newly sculpted and developed muscled body with over 26 points of articulation. Dressed with a real fabric cape with harness, faux-leather belt, vambraces and greaves, and this stunning piece also comes with the following accessories and weapons:

l       Helmet features a real-like horsehair crest
l       Real-like wolf’s tooth necklace
l       Sword and faux-leather scabbard
l      Battle damaged Spartan shield features the faux- leather hand hold and removable broken arrows
l       Spear
l       Two (2) pairs of Interchangeable hands
l       Head sculpt with authentic Gerard Butler likeness as King Leonidas
l       Figure stand with 300 movie logo and King Leonidas nameplate

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Hot Toys 1/6th The Dark Knight Joker Police Uniform version DX01

More DX Joker  are confirmed to arrive at Go Figure! Toys by Mid December 09.

3 units booked. 4 available for booking. Slim and Normal Hot Toys bodies are also available for the DX01 to complete the Police Uniform Joker.

Please email us for pricing.
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RESTOCKED: Hot Toys 1/6th T600 Rubber Skin VersionTerminator Salvation

This item will be restocked by Mid December 2009. If interest please place a preorder deposit of $150.00. 1 unit available only

We will post pricing once freight charges has been confirmed.
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RESTOCKED: Hot Toys 1/6th Marcus Wright Terminator Salvation

This item has been restocked. 1 unit available only.

Please email us for pricing.

Product Description
Hot Toys proudly presents the 100th of our Movie Masterpiece Series - the second human-kind MMS figure from the sci-fi movie - Terminator Salvation: 1/6th scale Marcus Wright collectible figure.

This collectible figure stands approximately 30 cm tall, featuring Hot Toys True-type figure body with over 36 points of articulation.

The figure also features:

  • Dressed in his movie accurate trench coat, t-shirt, pants, leather-like leggings and boots, and also interchangeable leather-like jacket.
  • Accessories include harness, knife, shotgun and 3 sets of interchangeable hands.
  • Interchangeable Marcus head featuring skeletal face
  • Articulated and battle damaged left arm
  • Authentic Sam Worthington likeness.
  • Figure stand with Terminator Salvation logo and Marcus Wright nameplate
Artist info: -Head Sculpt by GOX (Eom Jae Sung)
-Head Art Directed by JC. Hong
-Head Paint by JC.Hong
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Special Order: MP06 Skywarp Masterpiece

Anyone interested in a special order for this item?

Please email us for quotes.

Item can arrive by Mid December.

Product Description

The MP-06 Masterpiece Skywarp is a repainted version of the MP-03 Starscream’s F-15 Eagle design. Skywarp features a new array of colors---primarily purple and black with a little silver and grey---and also features a switch-between face sculpt selection including the (A) typically bland and apathetic Skywarp and (B) the snarling Skywarp. Presumably Skywarp, like Starscream, should also include a missile-rack display stand tailored for both jet and robot mode. The Skywarp mold is a mixture of die-cast and plastic, allowing for an extensive range of articulation. In robot mode the wings are inverted, the cannons arm-mounted. The writer of this description must reluctantly concede the fact that this Skywarp appears to be possibly more impressive than the MP-03 Starscream.
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HOT TOYS Batman & Edward Scissorhands Cosbaby in Store.
Coming Soon:
Planet of the Apes,
Mars Attack.

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A-Team Van - Fully Detailed

Fully Detailed and SHINY!

We don't just bring in toys and sell them. We know the value of them and we take great care of them because these stuff, especially the vintage ones, demand such attention.

The future owner of the A-Team van should know we've fully detailed the van. Polished with Autoglym Super Resin Polish, followed by a layer of the best P21S 100% Carnauba Wax.

Mad? Obsessed? Geek?

No... just dedicated and a great love for toys.... :)
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COMING SOON: Takara Masterpiece MP08 Grimlock

Available in 2 weeks. 

Please check them out together with our upcoming MP01B Black Convoy!

Limited stocks only.

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Blast from the Past: 1980s Part 2


Absolutely vintage Die Cast (yep full metal) A-Team Van in very good condition with all accessories intact.  Accessories include life raft, machine guns,  rocket launcher..

Figures includes Murdock, Hannibal, B.A. and Face. 

One full set up for sale. Will be displayed at the store soon.
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Blast from the Past: 1980s

Can you hear that Airwolf theme in your head?

These are on our shopping list to bring into Brunei.

Anyone interested?

Product Information.
AIRWOLF Helicopter

1:48 scale.  Length: 10.5" (26.7 cm).  Colbalt blue and light grey.  Includes display stand

Detailed diecast model of the helicopter from the 1980's television series AIRWOLF. It features motorized main and rear rotor blades, chain guns & cannon, ADF pod, opening doors, detailed cockpit  with pilot figure, retractable landing gear and display stand with the Airwolf series logo.
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HOT TOYS 12 inch Joker DX01: In Go Figure! Toys


This is Zulfadle (right). He drove all the way from KB to pick up his preordered Hot Toys DX01 Joker from Go Figure! Toys.

Zulfadle is the 1st Go Figure! fan to get his long awaited DX01 Joker.

We asked how he felt when he opened it up..

'It's Beautiful....(speechless after that)'

We should have another 5 sets coming in: 3 booked, 2 sets left for retail. Please place a deposit if you're interested.

Go Figure! Toys: Bringing great toys & collectibles to all Bruneians :)

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GI Joe Hall of Heroes Series 01 - Selling by Case

GI JOE Hall of Heroes Series 01

Case of 10

Selling by case only. 

This Case includes:

1x Snake Eyes & Timber
1x Firefly
1x B.A.T.
1x Storm Shadow (White)
1x Beachhead
1x Cobra Viper
1x Crimson Guard
1x Flint
1x Zartan
1x Snake Eyes (All Black)

MEMBER Price: $299.00

Arriving December 09

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Thundercats Fans ALERT

Second statue to be released by Hard Hero

Thundercats Cheetara 11" Cold Cast Porcelain Statue
Released 1st Quarter 2010

Please note that face sculpt is not the final version
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COMING Soon: 1/6th TrueType Normal and Slim Bodies


Do you have the Hot Toys 1/6th Joker DX

Then get this for your Hot Toys 1/6th Joker Police Uniform to complete your Joker DX Collection. These also can be used to kitbash other figures such as military personnels.

We have both the Hot Toys 1/6th Truetype Normal and Slim Bodies with 38 points of Articulation.

Available in December 09.

Start KitBashing!
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SPECIAL PACKAGE DEAL: Takara Buster Optimus Prime and Jetfire


The New Buster Optimus Prime from Takara can still be combined with Jetfire. Get both from Go Figure! Toys with additional discounts as a 2 pack.

Pre-Order the 2 pack by paying $100 deposit. 

 Due to arrive 1st week of December.

NOTE: Buster Optimus Prime is also available on its own and is up for preorder. 

Preorder Deposit $75.00
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APOLOGIES: Pricing Error on Marvel Select and Red Hulk

 Dear All,

We apologise but there has been a pricing error on the Marvel Select Red Hulk and Marvel Select Incredible Hulk.

Pricing estimates given by supplier was wrong due to the size of the product. Therefore retail pricing is pending reconfirmation of shipping costs. We apologise for the inconvenience. We will re-post once shipping charges can be confirmed.
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PREORDER : Transformers Masterpiece MP-01B Black Convoy Nemesis

Special Release 1st Batch
This is the same as the E-Hobby Exclusive, released as a first batch.

Out in end November. Your preorder should ship into Brunei by 2nd week of December 09

Preorder Deposit: $100.00
 Pre-Order Deadline: 30 November 09
Preorder with Deposits will have enjoy a discount off Store Retail Price.

Retail Price: TBD (pending Yen currency conversion and shipping charges)

Please email us for rough estimates of pricing.

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IN STOCK: Spiderman Mini Bust (Black Suit)

1 unit booked, 1 unit available.

If interested, please book at the store. 

Deposit $75.00
Retail Price: $139.00
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COMING SOON: Master Replica Scaled Spiderman Masks

You can't wear these because they're small but they look great as a display. 
6 inches tall and made from cloth material with authentic webbing.
Have seen this in person. They are beautiful.

From Master Replicas.
Limited Quantities.
Coming December 09.

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PREORDER: HEMAN Classics Reissue - Master of the Universe

Coming to Go Figure! Toys. Open to Preorder.

Preorder Deposit: $50.00
Retail Price: TBD
Arrival: December 09 

Product Description
He-Man comes with these accessories:

* Sword of Power
* Half Power Sword
* Removable chest armor
* Battle axe and Battle shield

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PREORDER: Limited Edition Transformer Muggs Special Wave

Set of 4 includes ROTF Optimus Prime, Shockwave &

the supposedly discontinued Jazz and ROTF Bumblebee. We do not sell these individually.

Don't miss out on some true collectibles.

Preorder Deposit: $100.00
Retail Pricing: TBD.
Arrival: December 09.
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PREORDER: Marvel Select Red Hulk

From Marvel Select. Please place a preorder at the store. 
Pre-order Deposit $35.00
Estimated Retail Price: TBD - pending shipping charges & currency fluctuations

Due to arrive in December 09

Product Description
The Marvel Select Incredible Red Hulk stands 10” tall, features 14 points of articulation.
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PREORDER: The Incredible Hulk

From Marvel Select. Please place a preorder at the store. 
Pre-order Deposit $35.00
Estimated Retail Price: TBD  - pending currency fluctuations
Due to arrive in December 09

Product Description
The Marvel Select Incredible Hulk stands 10” tall, features 14 points of articulation. 
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DEPOSIT CALL: HOT TOYS Iron Man MKIII Battle Damaged Version


 UPDATE as of 17/11/2009: 3 booked - 2 units left

We have had a lot of verbal orders regarding the Battle Damaged Iron Man MKIII which will be released in February 2010. For those of you who have indicated you are interested, please pay a preorder deposit to lock in your order.  This is a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE preorder.

Deposit is $150.00

 You risk not getting the Iron Man if you do not pay the deposit. We will stop accepting deposits once we reach our quota. After that if you still wish to order, please expect a jump in the Retail pricing as we will need to hunt down items for you. 

This is a HIGHLY anticipated item and many store preorders are completely booked out. Plus it comes out just before Iron Man II so you know people will be looking for these alot.

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1 unit only. Please email for pricing. This 2006 edition of the titanic Imperial Lambda Class shuttle is a must have centerpiece for any collection! Features an opening cockpit that seats two figures, fold- down boarding ramp and landing gear, opening cabin compartment, and trigger activated wings that swing from 'landing' to 'flight' positions!
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Ultimate Lightsaber

Build your own Lightsaber with this Kit. Over 1000 combinations.

Fun for kids and adults alike

Price: $129.00

VERY limited quantities.

Product Information:
Are you a Jedi or a Sith? Will you duel as Yoda or Count Dooku? Mace Windu or Maris Brood? Or will you create a unique weapon for the battles ahead? The choice is yours. Build and reconfigure Jedi or Sith-style lightsabers with 18 easy-to-assemble parts. Or create your own customized combination for a lightsaber that's uniquely yours. There are more than 1,000 possible lightsaber configurations, including a special hilt that allows you to build a tonfa lightsaber! Customize your hilt with different sleeve rings, hilt sleeves and ignition switches. Then, select an end cap to complete your weapon. Power up your lightsaber - and your imagination! - for electronic lights and sounds and ignite endless galactic action and adventure.
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ORDER CALL: HOT TOYS 1/6th The Dark Knight Batpod

ORDER CALL: Hot Toys 1/6th Scale BATPOD. Does anyone want to order these? Go Figure! Toys can bring them in. 

FULL PAYMENT Required for this item.

PRICE: $529.00 Nett. 


This will arrive in mid December once ordered.

Order Closes on 19th November 09

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PREORDER: HOT TOYS 1/6th The Comedian - Watchmen

 Are you a Watchmen Fan?

The Comedian: Available for Preorder. 

Preorder closes 23rd November 09. 
Item will arrive 1st Quarter 2010

Pay a Preorder Deposit of $100.00 and enjoy 10% off Retail Price.

Retail Price: $279.00
Member Price: $265.00
Preorder Price: $ 251.00


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