JUST IN! Hot Toys 1/6th Terminator Salvation T600 Weathered Rubber Skin Version

1 unit restock. Available tomorrow at the store. This item will not be restocked.
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RESTOCKED! Hot Toys 1/6th Joker DX

This will be our last restock of the Joker DX. 

2 units available. No more available from our suppliers.
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JUST IN! Hot Toys 1/6th Michael Jackson Thriller Restock


1 unit available. 
Available at the store tomorrow. 
Final Restock.
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JUST IN! Transformer Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee Bobbleheads Gen-1 style1


VERY LIMITED stock! These will be in store tomorrow afternoon. If you're keen, please come to the store to pick them up. These will most likely not be restocked
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JUST IN! Leader Class ROTF Megatron

A few units of these came in. If you're interested to pick this one up or you missed out on this previous release, come by the store!
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JUST IN! Sideshow Collectibles 14 inch Chucky Doll

Hi, I'm Chucky.

Wanna Play?

I'll be your BEST friend!

3 units available, 1 booked.

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JUST IN!: Transformer Muggs Special Wave

Only 1 set of this special wave is available as the rest have been booked. Do not miss out on this one! In Store tomorrow!
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JUST IN! Hot Toys DX02 Batman the Dark Knight

I'll let the pics do the talking :)

This unit is booked. H: please let me know when you would like to pick up.
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JUST IN! Hot Toys 1/6th Wolverine

If you have booked Wolverine from Hot Toys, please come in to the store to pick them up.
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COMING THIS YEAR: Batman Black and White Statue - Arkham Asylum


This is coming out only in September 2010, but worth marking in your calendar so that you do not miss it! 

Pre-order is available.

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COMING THIS YEAR: Mass Effect Series 1 Action Figures

Mass Effects 2 is coming in a week's time!

And the Mass Effect Series 1 Figurines are coming also.....

but only in August 2010....sigh...

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PICS: Kenner 1980 SnowSpeeder - Weathered Version vs Mint.

A few friends of mine asked me to post my first repaint project - painting up a 1980 Snowspeeder from Kenner (hardcore collector - please don't bash me for painting over a vintage collectible).

Here are some pics to compare between a mint-electronics-still-working-(and booked) Snowspeeder vs a mint-sound-working-but-not-lights Snowspeeder. Both are from Kenner circa 1980.

Both includes the usually missing harpoons.

Please let me know if:
a) It was a crappy job and you should stick to your day job and get us more collectibles!

b) Can pass for decent but don't touch my collectibles (meh!)
c) AWESOME - I want you to paint mine too!

Enjoy the pics:

Mint - after clean

What have you done??


That snowspeeder has taken a real beating

Side by Side

Soot on boosters and some snow weathering
Oil weathering on the heat sinks/vents

Rear View

Snow on the harpoon gun
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COMING SOON: 1997 Power of the Force AT-AT Imperial Walker


We have 2 units of these 1997 POTF AT AT (All Terrain Armored Transport) Imperial Walkers (as seen in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi) coming in. If you're interested, please let us know. 

Pricing is pending final charges from our incoming freight.

Due to arrive: End January/ Early February 2010

Product Description:

BRAND NEW IN FACTORY SEALED BOX: 1997 Kenner Star Wars Imperial AT-AT. 
Large STAR WARS, AT-AT IMPERIAL WALKER, with electronic sounds, dated 1997. The Imperial Walker is large and measures 24" x 4" x 18". Requires 3 "AA" batteries to operate (not included)
Includes AT-AT commander and driver figures; command console activates 7 real movie sounds plus a "holographic" image of Darth Vader; light up laser cannon; and launching laser missiles.


One unit of the 1981 Kenner AT-AT is also coming in but have been booked:


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VINTAGE Star Wars Vehicles



Some of these we can order in. Posting these pictures for Star Wars fans to drool over :).

I want them all!
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